Brazilian Açaí na Tigela Recipe (Acai in the Bowl)

I am very excited  because my friend Tiffany from a clove of garlic, a pinch of salt has invited me to guest post in her blog.  Tiffany is a fun, creative, and a very talented fellow blogger. She makes delicious food and takes beautiful photos.

Today I am sharing a very traditional breakfast and snack from Brazil called Açai na Tigela.The miracle berry called Açai will have a very special place in your heart, after you learn how easy this recipe is. Come over to a clove of garlic, a pinch of salt and enjoy this nutritional treat!

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8 Responses to Brazilian Açaí na Tigela Recipe (Acai in the Bowl)

  1. Hi Jeanette! So good to hear from you. Travis and I are doing great, this is our third year in CO and we like it very much. You have a very lovely site too. I buy my Acai either Sprouts or Whole Foods, they sell it in pulp form. Hope you can find some. Have a great day and God Bless you!

  2. Hey Ana Helena, Have not seen you and travis in years! Hope you are doing well…your site is beautiful!!! My favorite food in brazil was the Acai with Tapioca! Where do you get your acai here in the states? The one company I always bought from stopped making it. – J

  3. I got here through Tiffany’s blog. I grew up om açai up in Belém, we would watch out for the red flag to come up at the açai hut at the end of the road, and we knew that there was freshly pressed açai on the go. We had it everyday. As did the locals. Lovely post. And you have a lovely blog. Your about page has been beautifully written. From the little I’ve seen I can tell that you are providing your family with beautiful food memories. : o )

    • Hi Kiri! This is a 5 minute delicious healthy treat for sure. I will email you soon. I have been crazy busy right now. Thanks for stopping again!