Heart of Palm Salad (Salada de Palmito)



Heart of palm sometimes called palm heart, is a vegetable very familiar in the Brazilian cuisine. It has a taste similar to artichokes and they are absolutely a great addition to any pies, salads, tarts, or side dishes. With Spring finally here, I naturally have a tendency to crave more salads, but what I have noticed is that I don’t need a season or a reason to crave more chocolate:)

This salad is so simple, easily done in about 15 minutes, and great for busy days. I seem to have a lot of those lately as my children get older. Somehow I had the impression that as they got older my life would be less busy. Am I missing something here? I have noticed as they get older, they get a life, they get friends, jobs, a driver (me), a counselor (me), personal assistant (me) , and suddenly I realize, I am getting older too!


Heart of Palm Salad


2 cups of arugula

6 medium heart of palms cut diagonally

 1/2 avocado

1 mango

1/4 cup alfalfa sprouts


This recipe serves two people. For each plate, add one cup of arugula, three heart of palms cut diagonally, three slices of avocados, four slices of mangoes, and alfalfa sprouts. Serve immediately. Consider serving the heart of palm salad with the easy-to-make lemon dressing written below.


Lemon Dressing


Juice from one lemon

8 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

a pinch of sea salt

freshly ground black pepper


Whisk together lemon juice and olive oil in a medium size bowl, add the sea salt and the freshly ground black pepper to taste.


If you are not familiar with heart of palms or like we call it in Brazil, “Palmitos”, I hope this recipe helps you with a little inspiration and a desire to try something new this Spring. Enjoy it!

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8 Responses to Heart of Palm Salad (Salada de Palmito)

  1. Well done Mrs. Campbell!!
    So fresh and beautiful. Love the vivid colors on that clean, crisp, white backdrop!
    This is making me so hungry looking at it! Maybe this salad for dinner???… Hmmm!

    • This is a great Spring/ Summer option for sure. Thanks Shelby!

  2. Beautiful salad for spring! It makes me happy just to look at your bright, colorful pictures of it. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Yeeeessss!!! Voltamos a comer com os olhos. Através de seus pratos maravilhosos retratados em fotos lindas. Amei a receita, de fato muito simples. Já estou ansiosa pela próxima!!!

  4. This is amazing! I could eat my computer looking at the photos. Fortunately I got to eat this in real life. Well done dear, keep it going!